# NuGet

The Fastest NuGet Package Ever Published (Probably)

The fastest way to create a new NuGet package project and get it published with all the bells and whistles like continuous integration (CI) builds and drafted release notes.

What dotnet new Could Be

What the 'dotnet new' CLI command could be if some effort was spent on developing it. I compare it to other templating engines and suggest ideas.

Unit Testing dotnet new Templates

It's difficult to know if your 'dotnet new' based project will work if they have lots of options, in this post I show how to unit test them.

Cross-Platform DevOps for .NET Core

Learn how to use Cake, AppVeyor and Travis CI continuous integration build systems to perform cross-platform DevOps for .NET Core based projects.

Custom Project Templates Using dotnet new

How to create project templates using dotnet new and the template.json file. How to share project templates by creating NuGet packages.


Colorful.Console is a C# library that wraps around the System.Console class, making your console apps more colourful. Write ASCII art using Figlet fonts.

Logging with Serilog.Exceptions

Log exception details and custom properties that are not output in Exception.ToString() using Serilog.Exceptions for .NET.