So I've Been Awarded Microsoft MVP Status!

Microsoft MVP

Lucian Wischik contacted me out of the blue one day to update and test one of my NuGet packages using NuGet 3.0. We had a pleasant email exchange and he suggested I nominate myself for becoming a Microsoft I did.

It actually takes a fair amount of time to apply, you have to give details of all your online accounts and open source projects. Not only that but for each one you have to specify how many downloads or page views you have got. Only after doing this, did I realize how much of an online presence I really have.

A few months later and lo and behold I get another email out of the blue telling me I'm one of 4000 people being awarded Microsoft MVP status. So what does this mean, I thought to myself? Well it turns out you get a few freebies:

  1. Free Software - I already had an MSDN license from work but it's nice to get a free MSDN license of my own. You can pretty much download whatever Microsoft software you want.
  2. Free Azure - As part of the MSDN license you get £100 of  Azure credits per month. Last I checked, I only use about £30 to £40 a month to run this blog and a few other sites and services.
  3. The Gift Pack - This is a nice trophy and certificate to hang on your wall, as well as a badge, just to make it official.
  4. MVP Insider Mailing List Access - Getting added to this email distribution list is pretty cool. You can ask questions and find out about bugs and new releases before everyone else.
  5. Access to Pre-Release Software - You get access to Beta or RTM builds before they are publicly released. Microsoft uses this as a way to make sure there are no last minute bugs.

I hadn't realized but you have to reapply to become an MVP every year. I'm not sure how that works but I guess I'll find out a year later.

Thanks to Lucian for suggesting I apply, my wife who has had to put up with me messing around with code all the time and all the people who downloaded some of my code and found it useful. I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I see a new website pop-up using my project template or the download numbers for my various projects grow.

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