.NET Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet

NET Big-O-Algorithm-Complexity-Cheat-Sheet


All credit goes to the creator of the Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet Eric Rowell and the many contributors to it. You can find the original here. I simply added .NET specific bits to it and posted it on GitHub here.

What is it?

It covers the space and time Big-O notation complexities of common algorithms used in Computer Science and specifically the .NET framework.

Why is it useful?

You can see which collection type or sorting algorithm to use at a glance to write the most efficient code.

This is also useful for those studying Computer Science in University or for technical interview tests where Big-O notation questions can be fairly common depending on the type of company you are apply to.

Let me have it!

You can download the cheat sheet in three different formats:

Web Mentions

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