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I started live streaming my software development learnings simultaneously on YouTube and Twitch a few months ago. I'm by no means a professional and only have a couple hundred subscribers and a few thousand views at this time but I've had a lot of fun learning and sharing my learnings with the world.

After streaming for a while, I discovered that I hadn't been writing much code at work as my role at Microsoft has evolved into one that has meant more project management style work and leading a team of developers. So It's been rather liberating to force myself to allocate an hour to a live stream where I can go and learn something new or update one of my many open source projects with some new feature. I realized that I do indeed really like writing, thinking and talking about code and I want to continue to do more of it going forward.

I put together a few YouTube playlists of the live streams I've done so far.

.NET 6 and C# 10

This is where it all started, just before the release of .NET 6 and C# 10. There were a lot of hidden and not so obvious features in this release that I haven't seen many blog posts or videos cover. I've been gathering these gems for the last year and talk about each one at length in this YouTube playlist.

Twitter Snowflake ID's

Twitter uses Snowflake ID's to generate unique identifiers for tweets. In this YouTube playlist I deep dive into how Twitter does this and using ASP.NET Core minimal API's to create an API. I think Twitter Snowflake ID's are a really cool way of generating really clean looking globally unique ID's and its worth looking into them as an alternative to ugly GUID's.

Pulumi, Azure and .NET

Pulumi is a tool used to build, deploy, and manage your cloud applications using pretty much any language on any cloud. I used Pulumi with .NET to play around with Azure Container Apps which I found to be promising but very early in its development. I'm also now looking into creating an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster using Pulumi.


Since I'm new to this, I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Oh and don't forget to subscribe and smash that like button! Sorry, its obligatory to say that once you post videos to YouTube. I can't get over how silly it sounds when I say it.

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