Getting Started with GraphQL and ASP.NET Core

Microsoft .NET

Learning GraphQL

Here is a list of resources I found useful when learning GraphQL:

  • - The official documentation is actually a really good way to learn the GraphQL query language which will get you as far as being able to read and write data from a GraphQL server.
  • - This site will get you a little further and re-enforce knowledge about the GraphQL query language used on the client side but also talks about GraphQL on the server side using JavaScript.
  • Frontend Masters - Advanced GraphQL - This is a paid course but you can use the free trial. It's by Scott Moss and I was very impressed by it's quality. It covers how to build a GraphQL server using JavaScript and NodeJS. I know this is an ASP.NET Core blog post but GraphQL started life as a JavaScript project and if you really want to go in depth, I found it useful to see this and pick up a few tips that can translate to C#.

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